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The morning is largely the same. Well, sort of. It sounds the same. Same old New York traffic, the bustle of the city outside Wade's window. The room, however - it's very different. The walls are painted a light blue, covered in photos - mostly of Wade, actually, although there are some flowers, or pictures of the city. Interspersed are items clearly of Wade's influence - a ratty Star Wars poster, newspaper clippings of the funniest headlines - and so on.

Peter stretched, humming quietly as he opened his eyes. A moment to fumble for his glasses - on a real night stand, no less, because there's a real bed in the room, too - and he smiled at the man sleeping next to him. This Peter was far more relaxed than Wade's probably ever had the privilege to see. He's also not wearing a shirt, or pants, down to just his boxers and apparently alright with it.

"Rise and shine, lazy," Peter poked Wade's side before flopping obnoxiously on his chest and peppering his face with kisses. "Come on, get up, you promised you'd help me today - "

Date: 2016-06-15 09:40 am (UTC)
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Never in all of Wade Wilson's life had he ever been more comfortable than in this moment. Even with the light trying to stab through his eyelids. It was like he was laying on a cloud. The bed was so incredibly comfortably. He shifted, hand smoothing over the softest sheets he had ever felt. It was almost like someone picked them out knowing that these would irritate his skin the least.

The feel of kisses on his face was definitely welcome, he moaned sleepily as his arms reached up to hold whatever angel was making him feel so comfortable. Rough hands slid upthe other's sides. He sighed, relaxing into the moment until he realized that his mask was off. "Holy shit!" his eyes shot open and he desperately patted the area around him hoping to feel the weight of it. Nope. Then his eyes caught a mop of messy brown hair and brown eyes that always made him feel like he was worth a hell of a lot more than he really was. "Petey...?" Oh, he had to be dreaming. There was no fucking way. Peter was laying on his chest and fuck it felt so good to have him so close to him. "And uh... what did I promise to help you do today?"

Peter's lips were on his face. He didn't have his mask on. Peter could see his face and he wasn't freaking out. There was a lot he had to process. And where the fuck was he?

Date: 2016-06-15 09:26 pm (UTC)
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"I'm thinking more like the best kind of dream, baby boy." He had a half naked Peter laying on him and being adorably affectionate. Also, he just realized that he was down to his boxers too. This was definitely not a nightmare. Did he just phase into another universe without realizing it? Or was he hallucinating again? Well, fuck. Who was he to look a gift horse in the mouth? Wade was seriously affection starved and the feel of Peter's skin against his was almost too much for him to bear. Fuck it. "I'm fine."

Christ, it was like lightning shooting through him at Peter's gentle touch. His skin was so sensitive, it wasn't even funny. Wade curled his arms around Peter again, going with whatever the fuck was happening instead of fighting it. It felt too good and if he was being completely honest, it felt right. Like coming home after a long journey; sinking into a warm bath when it's freezing cold outside. For the first time in a long time, Wade Wilson felt the faintest bit of happiness and that was terrifying. "Is that supposed to be an insult? To be a sugary breakfast treat that everybody loves? Though I do have to admit, cops love me." They love to hate him.

Okay. Definitely had to be a dream. Peter was making him food. "...keep talking. Almost there."

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"Aha..." Wade moaned, unable to stop himself, the muscles of his stomach tensing. Yup. Is that what he did in this universe? Immediately tell Peter all the details of his filthy dreams? Actually, that sounded about right. That is exactly what Wade would do and knowing him, he would immediately reenact the whole thing. Maybe he shouldn't be letting his mind wander like that with Peter so close. There was really nothing that could be left to the imagination right now. He shifted his hips away just to be safe. "Yeah, well. It's still pretty high up on the list, Petey."

The fact that he was Peter's donut was bringing him an endless amount of joy. Yes, he could be sickeningly sweet when it came to the person he lo--whoa, whoa. Shit. Nope. Not going there. Way to shoot down the rabbit hole at the speed of light, Pool! Time to backpedal. "I think I can live with being your donut, baby boy. Just keep me away from Homer. I don't want this to turn into a Treehouse of Horror episode."

His stomach growled and he laughed. "Oh yeah. Believe me. I'm definitely there. All you had to do was mention my home country's liquid gold and I was flying over the precipice." Wade forced himself up and out of the bed, even though he genuinely would rather bend Peter over and eat him rather than waffles and bacon. Yum. Fuck. But then they would be stuck in bed probably all day because Wade's refractory period was pretty much non-existent and it had been a very, very long time for him. And there he went again. Why was he even resisting this? Well, Peter meant the world to him. And this was not his Peter, even if that was what he yearned for, so it felt too much like he was taking advantage. It didn't feel right as much as everything else did. Stupid fucking loyalty bullshit. God damn him for being a Hufflepuff. "Uh, come on, Petey. My body is ready... for those waffles."

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"The knee high socks dream?" Somehow, the version of himself that actually belonged here was cackling. He could feel it. Oh boy. "No, please don't elaborate. I'm good."

He was literally going to die. This was it. This was how he found a way to die. Peter was his kryptonite. "Jesus, Petey."

"Yes you do. Like the Flash fast." Oh man. That little whine was adorable and the way he immediately moved to where he was laying. What was he, a cat? God and he was wearing those fucking librarian glasses. This boy was perfect. Him? Sick of Peter? The moment Peter was up and standing, Wade moved to curl his arms around his baby boy, holding him close. His nose brushed the spot underneath Peter's ear before his lips followed, unable to stop himself. "I could never ever get sick of you, baby boy. Not in a million lifetimes. Not ever. I will always find you and pester you. You're my lobster." Even when you don't feel the same. Wade tried to remember the way Peter felt, the way he smelled. To keep him going later on when that emptiness threatened to consume him once again.

Wade moved toward the closet in the room, hoping there was something he could put on. That was when he noticed all the pictures on the wall. He knew that Peter was a gifted photographer, but wow. There was a weird fluttering in his chest and a tightness behind his eyes. Most of them were of him and he just looked so fucking happy. Of course there were some where he wasn't happy and giving the camera a one finger salute. It was just so weird seeing that foreign look in his eyes. Had Wade ever truly been happy? Wetness hit his clenched palm and he looked down, noticing how everything looked blurry. Well shit. He wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand, trying to be quiet enough that Peter didn't notice. That was the last thing he needed to explain.
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"Let's just... I'm gonna. I'm gonna stop. I'm sure it's definitely in the top five." Positive it was in the top five. It was in the top five before he realized that this universe probably had the same top five. Good god.

Easier said than done.

"We are always back to Friends references. I'm not scared of you, Peter. Bring it. Unagi." He placed two fingers to his temple to mimic Ross. Honestly, he was more of a Chandler and Joey mash up than Ross though. The kiss stunned him. Welp. Definitely too good to be true.

It really hit him. Was this what Peter saw in him here? The tiniest light bloomed in the darkness of his heart. Hope. But that was very stupid of him. There was absolutely no way that he could be that lucky. Every person he ever loved went away. His history of being used and abused was pretty ridiculous. That was the constant for him. So having hope in any shape or form was asinine.

Fortunately, Wade managed to get himself together. He took a deep breath, thankful that Peter didn't notice. "You got it, Snookums!"

Wade opened the closet. There were actual colors other than red and black in here and the clothes were his size. That was a surprise. Wade grabbed a pair of gray sweatpants, a red v-neck and a dark hoodie and slipped into them real quick before he headed in the same direction as Peter. Of course he didn't choose any of the varied colors.

Date: 2016-06-16 04:52 am (UTC)
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Well if that wasn't proof that he was completely himself with alternate universe Peter, then he didn't know what was. Yes, Wade was a little bit intense. And he was also part rabbit.

"Well, fuck. But this is so comfy..." Wade looked at his extremely comfortable clothes and then immediately turned back around. Always obedient to those he held closest. So he went back to the closet and instead switched to all black before padding off to the kitchen again. "Alright, Petey. Now that I look like a member of My Chemical Romance, am I allowed to paint your emo darkroom?"

Wade opened a couple of cabinets, trying not to look too suspicious and thankfully he found a frying pan pretty quickly. He grabbed the bacon and turned the burner on. That was when he looked over and noticed an apron. A frilly pink apron. Oh my god. His apron lived in this world too. So of course he put it on and then he went back to the stove and got the bacon started. It sizzled away in the pan, popping quietly as he looked over to watch Peter. He inched closer and just barely tapped Peter with his hip. "God, Petey. Watch where you're going." His grin was magnificently evil.

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Wade could only imagine. And had. Often.

"Well maybe I wasn't feeling the goth look today, Petey." He didn't freeze this time when he felt Peter's lips. Instead, he leaned into it. What would alternate universe Wade do? Wade immediately wrapped his arms around Peter, his hand smoothing over Peter's backside and giving it a good squeeze before he pulled away from the kiss. "Ass pain begone!" He did the finger guns at Peter before going back to the bacon. It popped at him and he yelled, not proud that he sounded like Goofy.

Even in this alternate universe, he wasn't quite that comfortable with himself yet. Even if Peter didn't seem to mind his scars.

Fuck. He was so god damn cute. Wade had always thought that Peter Parker was adorable. The first time he saw Peter's face, he was speechless. Which, of course, had to have been confusing to Spiderman. Seeing as how Deadpool never ever shut up around him. Peter's beautiful face did the impossible! He laughed at Peter's accent, the words slipping out before he could stop himself, "God, I love you."

Time stopped for him. He immediately wanted to eat those words. His hand darted out to turn off the burner and he was gone. After he had managed to push himself into the darkness of the bathroom, he proceeded to sit on the toilet, his head stuffed between his knees as he tried to get his breathing under control. The last thing he expected was to be having a panic attack in an alternate universe. "God, you fucking idiot. What are you doing playing house right now? This isn't real. You don't fucking deserve this."

Date: 2016-06-16 06:47 am (UTC)
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Peter's voice snapped him out of his self flagellation. Poor oblivious Peter. Here Wade was, losing it in the bathroom over something that was probably normal for alternate universe him. When it came to his Peter back home, he had danced around the word in his head so many times but never letting it solidify. That was when he knew there was no turning back. It was harder to run from that inevitable pull.

Peter was his gravity. He was a magnet that pulled him in no matter how hard he tried to push away. And the worst part was that he highly doubted that Peter knew just how deep Wade was in. Thanks to all of the bullshit jokes. How many times had he taken jobs specifically to put space between them? Tokyo? Alright! Baghdad? Sure! Anything just to keep him from doing something stupid again. From getting too close. But Wade just kept on inching closer and closer.

Taking jobs was the only way to numb himself. Well, there were other ways. But those were never permanent thanks to his stupid healing.

So there it all was, laid out in front of him. He said it and now he couldn't go back to pretending that he cared less than he did. There was no more fooling himself. He broke his own rule, even if it was in a different universe.

His chest seemed to constrict even more at that thought. "Peter, I can't." The words came out jumbled and he realized just how broken he sounded. Like he was pleading. It just made it worse.

Date: 2016-06-16 07:47 am (UTC)
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Alternate Universe Peter's kind words made it both better and worse. Better because it actually made him start to calm down and worse because he realized that he would never get that in his world. The bottom line was that he wasn't good enough for his Peter's love. He had big enough shoulders. Hell, he'd already been through some pretty horrific things and come out fine in the end.

Because Peter was so good for him. He was an amazing influence on him and made him a better person. But Wade doubted his ability to do the same. Helping Peter open up was something that he didn't think he could do. So if that meant that his Peter would fall in love with someone else and that he could be happy, then Wade would proudly bear the burden of an eternity without Peter's love. He would wear that suffering like a badge. Because his person was okay. And if Peter was okay, then Wade would find a way to be okay in the end too. Or at least a way to accept the way things panned out.

That was what terrified him.

The blood stopped rushing to his head and he was finally starting to breathe like a normal person again. Wade wiped the tears off his cheeks and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Petey. You can come in now." The shakes started. He hated that part. It always happened after that initial burst of adrenaline.

Date: 2016-06-16 08:16 am (UTC)
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But if Wade never seriously tried, then he never failed either. Maybe that was where the real hang up was. Sadly the one positive he had to bring toward a relationship with his Peter was the fact that Wade couldn't die.

His heart hurt. This universe's Wade was so fucking lucky. He laughed at Peter's words and leaned into the touch, needing it to ground him.

Warmth spread through him, centering at his knee. His hand stretched out and his fingers slid through Peter's hair. The knot in his stomach started to uncurl. "...Yeah." He was too tired to even think of an argument right then. Honestly, it was just the truth. Everything always felt better when he was near Peter, whatever universe he was in.
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Yup. It was always worse. Wade temporarily died more often than not because he didn't take very good care of himself. He ran into open fire, through acid pits, got limbs chopped off all the time. That was his life and it was because it was easier to just not care and go barreling through everything.

"Sounds really good." Wade managed to nod. "Mm." Normally the thought of feeding Peter sensuously would rev his engine, but he was just too exhausted. There was still that spark though. Stupid libido could survive anything. It was like Cher.

"Yeah." He could get lost in those gorgeous eyes. Before he realized it, he was leaning forward, his knee going down so he could reach Peter's face. The hand in Peter's hair continued to run through it, gently carding as his lips caught the other man's. It was hesitant, but gentle. A silent thank you for the kindness. Something he very rarely received.

Date: 2016-06-16 10:29 pm (UTC)
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"I won't. Promise. Not this time at least." Wade grinned. Aaaaand he was back.

I love you, Wade. The words echoed in his head a few times. Wasn't that exactly what he had always wanted to hear from Peter? But all he could picture was his Peter and all the times he had actually started to feel like maybe they could be close. Even if it was only friendship. Wade could handle that because he wouldn't be alone anymore. His eyes closed and his body relaxed. It felt so good to be close to Peter and just revel in that bit of contact. Was this who Peter could have been? Still a lovable smart ass, but also kind and loving and unencumbered by loss? It made him grieve for what Peter could have had. Life was cruel.

He closed his eyes and brushed his nose against Peter's ever so gently. Trying to physically show how much he appreciated the contact, but unable to voice it.

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No, it wasn't Wade's world at all and he knew that. As much as he loved the thought of a world where he and Peter could live happily ever after, it didn't feel right here. Honestly, he just wanted to go home. As much as he could have spent the rest of his life here with alternate universe Peter feeling loved and cherished for once in his life, it wasn't who his heart really longed for. Maybe something in him needed to see what could have been. Wasn't this world proof enough for Wade that they could make each other happy in the end? If he was being honest, no. But that's because Wade was a bitter person anymore and he no longer let hope swallow him up. It was less painful that way when everything fell apart again.

"It's the truth, Petey." Cuddling definitely made everything better. Wade pushed himself up, his head feeling foggy for a moment. As soon as he got his equilibrium, he was heading toward the bedroom.

Wade practically melted into the bed. It was just so comfortable.

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