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Peter's name appeared on a crisp afternoon in October, on the way home from school. They appeared randomly, at any point in a person's life - some already had them from birth. Peter hadn't been that lucky. Still, he'd stopped, skateboard propped against his leg, and pulled his sleeve up, watching as the swooping, uneven letters appeared on his wrist.


Well that was...unexpected. It wasn't even a gender neutral name, like Sam. That's got to be a guy.

...so maybe the afternoon turned into more of a revelation for Peter than he might have thought, but hey. Whoever Wade was, Peter's bound to love him, quite literally.

The thing about soulmates was, the bond strengthened with time. When the name appeared, that's when the real countdown began. Then, the universe started pulling you together, until the endgame - a meeting, face to face, and the touch of bare skin on skin. When that happened, the name, inked on your wrist? It turned gold. That's how you knew it was the right person (although, obviously, you knew beforehand. Usually. Probably?)

It was said some soulmates could even watch each other's dreams. That was just a myth, however, an urban legend. That's not to say a soulmate connection wasn't extraordinarily strong, though; the majority of couples could, in fact, feel each other on a physical level. Feel each other's pain, specifically, or catch a cold when their soulmate did.

Peter started feeling the twinges freshman year of high school. A pain in his side, just a dull ache. His jaw, occasionally. It was so infrequent, it had been hard to diagnose it as an echo of his soulmate's pain.

Peter wondered if Wade was having as much trouble at school as Peter was. Maybe they had a different brand of Locker Knocker wherever Wade was.

And so it goes. Peter was bitten. Uncle Ben died. He started his quest for revenge. The bond grew stronger. I'm sorry, Peter thought, spitting out blood in an alleyway, fresh from his last fight. I'll try not to get hit again. It said something that he was more willing to try for the sake of his mystery Wade's pain than his own.

The night against Connors was bad. Slashed his chest clean open, in addition to the bullet wound in his thigh. Gwen cleaned him up as best she could - god, what did he ever do to deserve a friend like her? - but all Peter could think about was Wade. I'm sure he'll understand when you meet him, Peter. He's probably just worried, I mean, imagine if you felt him get shot in the leg.

Unfortunately, the next time they shared pain, it was much, much worse than a bullet.

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Wade didn't know if he ever wanted to get his soulmate's name. His father left when he was younger and his mother didn't take it well. The two weren't soulmates, but it still left a bad taste in his mouth when it came to relationships. She turned to television to fill the time and lived like a zombie. So his first exposure to a loving relationship taught him that no one stuck around for long.

So when the name appeared on his wrist, he wasn't as excited as most people would be. Wade had been sitting on a park bench, taking up all the damn room because he was at that age where you were just naturally an asshole. A weird itch on his wrist prompted him to look down and lo and behold, a name.


So his soulmate was male? Not that that bothered Wade in the slightest. When he was in elementary school, it wasn't abnormal for him to get crushes on basically anybody. From what his mom said, his first kiss was with a boy at his daycare that he had become best friends with. It was his last day and his mom said he was a mess because he was just so upset about not getting to see Robert every day. So he dramatically kissed him goodbye and that was that. Wade didn't remember any of it, but his mom always got a goofy grin on her face when she talked about how cute it was that he was so upset.

But did he immediately have an attachment to some letters scribbled onto his wrist? Nah. Or at least he told himself that.

Even though he fought it, he still caught himself sitting up at night thinking about what his soulmate was like. What was his favorite color? Did he cut his spaghetti or did he twirl it? Did he even like spaghetti?

He would get in fights because of his inability to shut up and afterward as he sat with an ice pack on his jaw he wondered, did Peter feel this too? For a moment there would be guilt, but then he would force it aside. He didn't need a name on his wrist. He didn't need anyone. Everyone left in the end.

When he left home to join the Special Forces because fighting was the only thing he was good at, he refused to think about his soulmate. All through the training, all through the missions, even when he put a bullet through someone's head. Because what was the point? But then he did think about that god damn name on his wrist. How would Peter feel if he knew that his soulmate was a killer? That was when he questioned what he was doing with his life.

Of course, he was dishonorably discharged. Refusing to kill a child was frowned upon apparently. Wade always talked back and it pissed his Lieutenant off anyway. So it was better this way. But now he couldn't find a job. So what did he pick up? Mercenary work. Oh boy. If there was one thing in his life he was good at, it was killing people. And that was what he did.

Occasionally he would feel various aches and pains over his body and he just knew it wasn't his. That was the first time he felt helpless at his inability to protect Peter. It had never crossed his mind before, but now his thoughts were racing and all he could think of was he he wasn't there. Just what was he getting up to? Maybe he was like Wade. Maybe he wouldn't be ashamed of the blood on Wade's hands.

Wade had finally gotten used to all the random pains from his soulmate. In his mind, at least he knew Peter was a tough motherfucker. But then it happened. It was on a pretty normal night. He had just finished a job and was at home celebrating by watching a Golden Girls marathon and then he felt the pain in his chest and a horrifically sharp pain in his thigh. It was like someone had socked him right in the sternum and then stabbed him. All the breath left his lungs and he kicked his beer right off the table. The area burned bad and all he could think was, Please, Peter. Please be okay. I promise I'll find you. Just don't fucking die. He fell asleep that night clutching his wrist, Peter's name pressed to his heart.

And of course just as he let himself realize that he wanted Peter in his life, he got the diagnosis. After getting up in the middle of the night to pee, he was hit with a wave of dizziness and passed out next to the toilet. His roommate, Weasel, found him and took him to the ER. It was the big C. Cancer. He had it everywhere. His x-ray was lit up like a Christmas tree and all he could think about was how he would have to break that promise to Peter. Maybe it was better this way.

That was when he was approached by the man with the card. It was their chance. Anything not to break his promise.

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They injected him with a special serum. Apparently the cure to cancer was by trying to force your body to mutate. And that was achieved by being beat to near death and back. Repeatedly.

See, Wade came into this thing with a pretty high pain tolerance already. He was Special Forces, the shit they put them through was rough. But Weapon X made the Special Forces look like a teacup ride at the carnival and sunny day. The torture was horrific. He was electrocuted, beaten and drowned over and over again. If you could think of it, they most likely did it to him. Brought close to death over and over until he couldn't remember how long he had even been in this hell hole. All to try to bring out that mutation. But what terrified him was the thought that his soulmate was handling the same thing. His Peter had to have felt some of it and he hated himself. It would've been better to just die. To save Peter from enduring this pain.

It only intensified his hatred of Francis. Oh yeah. He found out that fucker's name.

"How tough can he be with a name like Francis?"

"See here's the problem with round-the-clock torture, it's that you can't really step it up from there."
"Is that what you think?"

They put him in that fucking chamber. Stole all the air from him until he was almost dead, but just enough for him to survive. That was when the mutation finally happened. It triggered and it hurt like hell. Wade had screamed himself hoarse and part of him was begging for death. He just wanted it all to fucking end. Then Peter's name echoed in his thoughts. He looked down at his wrist. The name wasn't even legible anymore. The sores on his skin had ate that name right up and at that realization, something lit up inside him.

He was going to fucking kill Francis.

Headbutting Angel Dust felt amazing, but the best part was that she was a fucking idiot that went around with a match sticking out of her mouth. A match near a machine that was hooked up to oxygen tanks.

The lab was up in flames and the only solace he got was that those poor souls caught in the flames were finally getting rest.

Wade wasn't Wade anymore. All he knew was this burning anger deep inside him. Anger that there were people in this world that were allowed to take someone's free will and fucking torture them for their own means. Anger that his soulmate was unfortunate enough to have his name on his wrist and had to endure the same horrors that he had. Anger that no matter how hard he punched that fucker Francis' face he just kept smiling.

But then it was over. A pain in his chest sharp enough to stun him and then a soundless scream on his lips as blood filled his lungs and poured out of his mouth. He clawed at his chest, feeling the metal that protruded through it with every screaming fiber of his being, but no matter how he much he clawed, it wouldn't go away. The panic set in. This was it. He was going to fucking die and Francis was still alive. His vision dimmed as he gasped desperately, but all that came out was a strangled gurgle. Then the world started to blur and all he could think in a jumble was, Peter. I'm sorry. I failed you. I broke it. I'm so sorry. Peter, please. I love you. Why didn't I--

And then everything went dark.

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Apparently the afterlife didn't want to deal with Wade Wilson's bullshit either.

He woke up buried under ash and debris. The first desperate gasp of air into his lungs felt like he had swallowed needles. And the first thought to pop into his head was Peter. He looked at his wrist. There were scars now instead of sores, mangling the perfect script. It was something warped now, but still legible and that was all that mattered to him. He wondered if Peter was okay. Were they even connected anymore? There was no way after something like that. The thought of his experiences traumatizing his soulmate were almost too much for him to handle. Especially if it ripped apart the one thing that had kept him going.

Wade Wilson was supposed to be dead. Yet here he was, still breathing and he was going to fucking eviscerate Francis.

That became his whole life. His need for revenge fueled him.

Weasel helped him come up with the name Deadpool. It was terrible and perfect at the same time. When he got the complete suit together, he knew this was who he was meant to be. Each motherfucker he killed, the closer he got to Francis. The closer he got to Francis, the angrier he became. Francis took everything from him and Deadpool was going to make him pay ten fold.

When he wasn't out hunting down Francis' goons in order to find the fucker, he was wallowing in misery at home. The only upside to this whole thing was that Peter no longer had to be bound to a piece of shit like himself. The first time he saw that face reflected in his bathroom mirror, he shattered it with his fist and punching until his hand went numb from all the glass embedded in it. Things were better this way. Now his outside reflected his inside. Perfect. Deadpool always knew he was a monster.

That was what destroyed him. Not only was he tortured, but he was ruined. Signs of mental illness were always there throughout his life, but it was something he could control. This he couldn't control. It no longer bothered him when he murdered someone and his morals were officially questionable. I mean, they always were a little, but no there was absolutely no doubt.

He found himself disassociating more often than not. Especially after seeing the horror that was his face. So when he was home, he started to wear his Deadpool mask. And by that point, he was Deadpool. Wade Wilson died in that warehouse and he would remain dead. It was better that way. Peter didn't need someone like Deadpool in his life.

It was like his mind and body were trying to torture him. He was still feeling that phantom pain off and on and with a higher frequency than in the past. Was it all in his head? Oh, definitely. It always was. Or at least that's what he told himself.

Things were going swell, he was getting closer to finding Francis so he could ruin that fucker's life just like he'd ruined Deadpool's. Then out of nowhere one night, it was that phantom pain again. Suddenly it amped to eleven and Deadpool just knew. It felt like his heart was going to explode. "Peter."

The pain almost broke him all over again. His soulmate was in more pain than Wade had ever felt him in before and that was terrifying. He spent the night curled up on his bathroom floor, horrified at the overwhelming feeling of helplessness that took him over. The bond was still there.

That evening was the first time he shot himself to make the voices stop. I'm sorry, Peter. I should have stayed dead.

Date: 2016-06-18 05:24 pm (UTC)
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Things were never quite right with Wade after that. There was always this underlying feeling of shame. It would have been so much easier if the bond with his soulmate had shattered. All he could think about was how he would never know what had happened to Peter that night. The bond had been basically numb after that. He caught himself rubbing his thumb over the mangled letters more often than not, contemplating why that thread between them was still there.

His hunt for Francis wasn't as rage-fueled as before either. It was like his batteries were running low. All he wanted to do was find Peter and make sure he was okay. But at the same time, he never wanted to find him because then Peter would know what a fucked up mental case he had for a soulmate.

And then he met Spiderman. Now, Wade knew Spiderman. He was a huge fan of the guy since he saw him on the news. There were figurines of the hero on the mantle at his apartment. Spiderman always strove to do good and seemed like he was such an awesome guy. So color him surprised when he saw the masked hero gliding through the air. His finger may have... slipped for a moment. No worries, he was a good shot! No spiders were harmed in the making of this tag.

"Wow! Nice landing! The Amazing Spiderman! Can I get your autograph? Here, I'll bend over. Just sign my ass cheek real quick," Deadpool bent over right in front of him and pulled a sharpie out from one of his pouches. He held it out toward the other man expectantly, ass still pointed in his direction.

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"Sorry, Spidey! My finger slipped." Deadpool's grin was visible through his mask even as his gun shot out of his hand and hit the ground, trapped in webbing. There were still at least 20 different weapons hidden on his person so it was no big deal.

"Name's Deadpool. I'm probably your biggest fan, just sayin'." He stood back up, putting the sharpie back into his pouch. All he wanted was an autograph. Jeez. "But now that I have you here. I was thinking... since I was in town and you were in town... maybe you could tell me if you've heard of someone named Ajax? Yes, like the dish soap." Wouldn't that be funny? Spidey probably had better connections than he did, so it didn't hurt to ask. Now that he had him here. In the flesh. The news didn't do justice to that ass because daaaaaayum. Emphasis on the yum.
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"Oh Spidey, please. My body's ready." Yes, he totally heard that.

"Mr. Pool. You make me sound like a pool cleaning service. Though I wouldn't mind being someone's pool boy..." Wade crossed his arms as he shifted from one foot to the other. It was pretty hard for him to stay in one place. "Oh no reason. Just a psychopath that tortures people in need of a bullet to the head." Fucking Francis. Rage simmered below the surface just thinking about him. It was sad that Spiderman didn't have any clues for him to go off of, but Deadpool was positive that he was getting closer to the source.

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"Then you clearly are not living your life the way you should. No big deal though. I'm saving myself for someone, Spidey." He blew a kiss at the other man.

"Way to crush a girl's dreams!" Spidey shot him down quicker than... well, quicker than he literally shot him down a moment ago.

Maybe if he could get Spiderman interested in Francis it'd be easier to take the bastard down. Oh man! He was starting to get excited at the thought of a team up. They could fight bad guys together. Best friends forever. "Oh, I don't know. Injected normal people with a serum that tries to force mutations by repeatedly torturing them until they either die or mutate? And then after, turn them into mindless mutated slaves?"

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Oh, if they only knew.

"Yeah, Spidey. They can." I found that out the hard way. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. "The guy's a real piece of work. That's why I'm trying to find him. I think it's time for him to take a little dirt nap."

Wade started to pace back and forth, unable to stand still any longer. "My current trail led me here. Whether he's actually here or not... I got no clue. That's why I was hoping you might be able to help." Spiderman was the beacon of hope for all and nobody else was really lining up to help him. So that was who came to mind when he realized that he might need some help at some point and that was why he shot Spidey out of the sky. But also because he just really wanted that autograph.

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"I don't think you understand the level of fucked up this guy is. He's like Jack Nicholson, 'Here's Johnny', screwed up, Webs. Like John Kramer, Jigsaw Killer, manipulate you into sawing off your own fucking foot fucked up. He deserves worse than a prison cell." There were some people that just deserved to die and if Wade had to shoulder that burden, he would gladly do it. With a smile on his face even.

"I'm not asking you to kill." Because Wade wanted to be the one to put the bullet in Francis' head anyway. "Superbro team up! I can't wait. Hold on." He took out a package of post-its and a pen from one of his pouches. Yes, he carried post-its. Wade scribbled an address onto the paper and held it out to the other man. "Meet me here tomorrow at eight. I'll wear the fancy dress, you bring the wine. See ya later, snookums!"

Yay! Spidey was actual going to help him. He felt like he was on the right path. As soon as Francis was taken care of, he was going to find Peter. Whatever it took. Deadpool skipped off to the edge of the building, gave Spiderman a two finger and leapt off. There may have been a crunching noise when he hit the ground, but it was just a fracture. It'd be fixed in minutes.

That night he fell asleep wondering why he got butterflies when Spiderman was close and how the other man looked underneath the mask. But still his thumb brushed over the mangled script on his wrist.

Deadpool showed up outside the warehouse, blending into the shadows of the alley. All that Deadpool knew was that this was where a lot of the supplies needed to make the serum was coming from and there was a guy pretty high up on the Weapon X program train overseeing stuff. He wanted to interrogate that man.

Date: 2016-06-20 10:44 am (UTC)
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"Yeah, yeah. I won't kill anybody on your watch, boy scout." He'd just do it when Spidey wasn't looking. Oops. Honestly, that was what Deadpool didn't understand. It was very clear that the American justice system had absolutely no fucking idea what they were doing. Deadpool would sooner put them in the fucking ground. Done. Problem solved. Obviously not everybody in the ground. Just the really fucked up ones. See? He could be benevolent too, Spidey!

That was when he spotted Spiderman up above him. His knight in shining spandex.

"You showed up for our date! I thought you were going to leave me hangin' like everybody else." Deadpool wasn't even trying to conceal his voice. Which probably wasn't smart of him, but eh. This was Deadpool. "So... you just wanna crash in there like the koolaid man and start kicking ass? Ohhh yeah~"

Date: 2016-06-20 10:27 pm (UTC)
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"Spidey, I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't have an inside voice. And we're outside anyways." Yes, Deadpool knew he was frustrating. He argued with logic. That was his life. "You can just use me as your meat shield. I'm good at taking bullets." Deadpool would definitely take a bullet for the other man. I mean, come on. That's his idol. In the flesh.

"There are around twenty armed normal goons patrolling the goods. The rest are just people forced to pack the supplies up." Deadpool only planned on taking out the goons. He may be a little morally confusing, but he didn't kill innocents. Actually, he wasn't going to kill anyone tonight because that was their deal. Which sucked, but what could you do. He needed Spidey's help. "I highly doubt Francis is actually in there though. But one of his big goons is overseeing all this bullshit going on in here and he probably has a link to Francis' location. This is mostly a supply house. It's like the Home Depot of mutant making." Yes, he switched to Francis instead of Ajax because fuck that douchebag.

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"Kinky." Deadpool's whole life is putting himself on thin ice. It's what he does. "It's really no big deal, man. I probably get shot at least once a day anymore." Sometimes more. He shrugged. Deadpool didn't care either way.

"His alias is Ajax. That's why I gave you that first. I figured you'd be more likely to hear that than Francis. His real name. And lemme tell ya. He's not exactly a fan of it." And Deadpool would like to remind that fucker of it over and over and over.

"Smart thinking. Less bang bang! More sneaky sneaky." Deadpool was used to just busting down doors. It's not like he needed to be careful or anything. What was the worst that could happen? But then the name on his wrist popped into his head and he got pensive. He wondered if the bond was too weak for him to feel all the deaths that Deadpool had gone through. He hoped so. Maybe he should've been more careful. Spidey's idea was better.

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"Maybe." He replied honestly. What? Spidey had the body of a gymnast and man, was it nice. "Nah. It's easier just to barrel through everything. Anyways, it's kind of funny to see the looks on their faces when I keep running toward them." Deadpool grinned. It was true! There were so many times he got shot all to hell and just kept on going. It was actually a pretty good intimidation tactic.

Oh, there was definitely a gasp of excitement. "Oh I don't know if I can do it. I might need a Spider-back ride." He could've made it up there in no time but now he was just being a menace. "The roof it is then."

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