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Peter is so unfailingly bad at this sort of thing. Seriously, the first and last person he was involved with was Gwen, and she, somehow through the graces of God, adored his brand of terrible awkwardness. It's been - well, frankly, it's been a while, and he's not even sure how the other night happened, it just kind of did. Peter doesn't even have the excuse of being drunk because he can't get drunk.

Not that he's looking for an excuse, because if he was being honest, he liked Scott. Not to make it weird, or too emotionally heavy, but he'd always been a kind of a lonely person, especially after Gwen came and went. Now he knew what he was missing (and the fact that he blamed himself a lot for Gwen's death was Not Healthy). So when the other night happened - well, he wouldn't have let it if he didn't want it to.

So here he is, on Scott's doorstep with pie and shitty flowers because he is a human disaster. At least the pie survived? Why did his flowers attempts never work? Literally, every mother's day...maybe he should consider buying them somewhere else.

Peter hesitates a second before knocking, already panicking a little. Is he dressed too casually? No one has ever cooked for him before, should he have brought something else?

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Scott doesn't question the finer details of what he's doing fooling around with a guy about ten years younger than him, give or take three. It doesn't matter that he actually likes Peter (which says a lot, given that the last time he'd liked anyone it'd been his mentor's daughter who he'd royally fucked things up with by kissing her prematurely), because it's probably still something to think about. Like, does he want to distract him from things like college or living his life or growing up by making dinner and having sex with him?

Okay, the answer to that is yes. But that's just Scott being selfish as shit and not considering the moral ramifications of his impulsive decisions.

Then again, not considering said moral ramifications has led to this: Scott opening the door to his flat (which he can afford now thanks to Hank Pym), Scott being face-to-face with Peter, and Scott unable to suppress his smile because the kid got him flowers. Lucky for him, Scott's the type to put flowers in vases, which he supposes he'll do later on. Also lucky for him is the fact that Scott practically lives for these cliches, which means his smile turns into a grin as he ducks his head the slightest bit.

"I didn't know we were doing gifts, Romeo," he says, opening the door wider and stepping back to give Peter some space. Jesus, he's adorable, which Scott already concluded that first night they went to have pie, but it's a lot different actually witnessing it in terms of someone-he-really-likes-who-he-also-screwed. "They really go well with your blush, though."

Date: 2016-06-07 01:48 am (UTC)
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As the flowers are passed from Peter's hands to Scott's, he dips his head to get a whiff of them and hide the stupidity of his grin. God, he's cute, and Scott supposes that for now that's really all that matters. He'll think about the consequences of his actions later.

"Not the only thing about you that's right, that's all I'm mentioning," he teases, and then the door is shut and he's making a little jerk of his head towards the direction of his well-loved sofa. The air has the very distinct scent of tomatoes and basil the deeper Peter walks in; needless to say, Scott's making baked spaghetti. "Make yourself at home, Peter."

He disappears down the hall for a moment, returning with a relatively aged vase from some flea market sale how many years ago. This Scott washes out quickly then fills with water, putting the flowers in and setting them on his kitchen counter.

"You ever have someone cook dinner for you besides your Aunt May?"

Date: 2016-06-07 07:36 am (UTC)
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Scott genuinely has to take a moment to stare, head turned and eyes unblinking as he takes in Peter's genuine, awkward honesty. To be fair, Peter makes him smile all the same (damn it, he always makes him smile, why the hell is he so weak?), but he shakes his head and makes some vague gesture with his hand. "No," he answers promptly, corner of his mouth quirked up in a grin. "It doesn't count, Peter. Family dinners are cooked for the family.

"The pasta I made tonight is for you." Scott pokes two fingers into his stomach, teasing. "And your ridiculous appetite."

Their relationship doesn't feel any different, physical boundaries and their changes aside. Scott's still got his terrible jokes, Peter's still got his own terrible jokes, and it's natural shifting from poking the guy to lightly tickling his side. Maybe things don't have to be awkward. Maybe Scott's just thinking too much.

He's laughing either way. "I can't believe I'm having you over for dinner. And you brought me flowers. And this is a date. Isn't it?"

Date: 2016-06-07 05:00 pm (UTC)
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Of course Peter tickles back, the son of a bitch. Scott laughs because how could he not, making little, useless grabs with his hands until he finally grips two wrists in them. "It's--" He's trying to catch his breath now, which is a pretty difficult thing to do, maniacal laughter taken into account, but when he does he's still holding Peter's hands and he's got his thumbs on the dips between the balls of his palms and--

Yeah, okay. Scott takes this very moment to lean over and kiss Peter on the mouth.

He figures they're done with the softcore bullshit of being pretend-innocent and coy, anyway.

"Don't worry," he says, every word spoken with a smile. It's in the tone of his voice, too, the echoes of his earlier laughter, but his happiness comes more from the fact that he'd just stolen a kiss from someone he really, really likes. "Totally want it to be a date. I don't wear nice shirts for anybody, you know."

Date: 2016-06-07 05:39 pm (UTC)
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"You trying to hurt my feelings on purpose, pie boy?" Scott murmurs, and just because he can't resist there's another smooch pressed to those willing, happy lips.

Why he'd kissed Peter the night before is the same reason he has now. He's just ridiculously easy to be around, and Scott could always use a little jolt of happiness.

"'cause it's not working." He speaks softly, warmly, sucking once on Peter's lip. "I'm still into you."

Date: 2016-06-07 11:31 pm (UTC)
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Oh, that's nice. Peter's hand is warm even as it rests over a layer of clothing, nice and solid and real. Scott's knuckles trail lazy paths up Peter's side, then stop so his palm can settle on his waist.

"Joke's on you--I already think you're a dork." As opposed to another kiss, the tip of Scott's nose brushes against Peter's in a small show of affection. Jesus, he's not sure when he got so mushy, but he imagines if anyone ever found out he'd never hear the end of it. Then again, if it gets Peter to smile the way that he does, Scott supposes there's nothing wrong with being romantic.

There's another kiss, just so Scott can murmur words into Peter's mouth. "Totally still into you."

Date: 2016-06-09 01:40 pm (UTC)
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There's security there, in the way Peter's hand grips him. It makes him smile that the touch there is so soft, so gentle. Peter's a strong kid--Scott knows that much happened because of radioactive spider gig--so touches like those make his stomach twist in ways he thought he left behind in high school.

Then again, the last time he'd fallen in love had been in high school, and Scott feels just as awkward and fumbling as he did then. Likely it's that feeling of liking someone so much you don't know what to do with yourself--which is embarrassing, but not any less true.

His voice, barely above a whisper, murmurs, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you wanted me to dump you."

And because Peter is mouthy and Scott is mouthy and sometimes they've really just got to shut up, the next time he kisses him he parts Peter's lips with his tongue.
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Of course not even kissing could shut Peter up for long, but Scott likes that about him. Likes that he can laugh right after their mouths have touched, after their tongues have brushed together and Scott's hand has settled on the warm curve of Peter's thigh to draw him closer. He's not going to lie--he almost forgot about dinner. Lucky for him, though, the pasta doesn't smell like he's burning, and he's got just enough time to suck Peter's bottom lip fondly.

"Two things: yes, I tasted my sauce before putting it in, because you only deserve the best." Another kiss, but this one is more chaste; a display of affection meant to be just that as opposed to some hint for something more. "And yeah. Yeah, I'd like to give you a letterman jacket. If I had one."

He dips his head to kiss Peter's jaw, and then reluctantly pulls away--but not without brushing his fingers through his hair, the corner of Scott's mouth pulled into a sheepish smile. "But how about I feed you first, huh?"

Date: 2016-06-21 01:18 am (UTC)
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"When are you not starving?" Scott teases, but he does make his way to the kitchen and grabs some oven mitts to take the spaghetti out of the oven. As he opens it the smell of tomatoes, herbs, and the vaguest hint of cheese fills in the room more than it already did, and he lifts the door with his foot and bumps it closed. Dipping his head to the kitchen table to grab a hot pad between his teeth, he makes his way to his tiny dining table and deposits that right in the middle for the tray. Everything's already been set: plates, utensils, little napkins if necessary.

Once Scott removes the aluminium foil covering--carefully, so as not to remove any of the cheese on top--he looks at Peter with a grin. "Tada."

All he has to do is find the pitcher of water in the fridge to bring to the table, and then he's moving to get a good serving of pasta to put on Peter's plate. "Anyway," he starts, topping off the noodles for Peter before moving on to his own, "I'm really hoping you'll enjoy the first dinner anyone's made for you. And I'm not gonna lie, my ego's pretty happy I'm the first."


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