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When Wade gets home that evening, he'll find Peter literally crawling the walls. Literally. He's anxious, that much is obvious, textbook in one hand as he restlessly tries to find a comfortable position to read it in. No dice, and he keeps moving back and forth over the ceiling, trying each corner repeatedly.

"Hey Wade," Peter grumbles from above the door, nose buried in his book. It's right-side up to Wade, meaning it's upside down to Peter - poor guy. What even happened?

Well, it started with his weekly phone call to May. The whole thing is kind of Peter's fault, anyway. His Aunt had called, starting off the conversation casually, and had Peter been paying attention he would have noticed the fake sweetness in her voice that only rose to the surface when she was very, very angry.

"When were you going to tell me you'd moved out of your apartment?" May slipped the question in at the tailend of Peter detailing his woes over his history class. He'd frozen, falling from his perch on the edge of the kitchen chair he'd been twisted on. "Uh, what?"

This quickly devolved into May yelling at him for not telling her he'd moved - apparently, she'd found him out while trying to surprise him and take him out to lunch, and instead discovering a single mother in his old apartment.

Peter had tried to explain that he'd moved in with someone and he hadn't wanted her to worry he was actually in a much better part of town now, which sent her on another long-winded rant until Peter simply couldn't take it anymore and, well, exploded.

"Because we're dating!" At least that earned him a long moment of silence. There were many reasons, obviously, why Peter might not be comfortable telling May he was dating again - and it wasn't until after he'd hung up, after May had demanded Peter bring his new partner to dinner on Sunday - that he realized he hadn't exactly told her Wade was a dude.

How did this kind of crap always end up happening to him?

Date: 2017-01-09 05:22 am (UTC)
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That's why they were a good fit. They matched each other like puzzle pieces. Though Wade would never admit that out loud. Even if it was what he felt. It would make him too vulnerable right then. But god damn did he feel it. Wade nuzzled Peter's jaw, arms wrapped snugly around his boyfriend. "We'll put it back together again. Remember when I accidentally ordered that crate of super glue off Amazon and you told me to return it and get my money back? About that..." There was a crate of super glue sitting in his closet right then. They could just... glue the city back together again. Sounded like a plan.

"It's going to be okay, Petey Pie," he said quietly, all the exuberance he had before now traded in for a much more calm, collected version of himself. "We'll figure out whatever's thrown at as." He added, even though he was honestly talking about what happened between Peter and May.

Date: 2017-01-26 05:56 am (UTC)
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"I will never have a problem gluing my finished puzzles to frame them? I am officially the person to call if something gets chipped," Wade rambled a little, his brain flying through all the uses of super glue, but trying his best not to overload and let all of them come out. It finally felt like Peter was relaxing, so the last thing he wanted was to do something that jeopardized his lover's comfort.

There was no way to stop the smile that came to his face when Peter looked up at him. Christ. There went his thumping heart. All Petey had to do was look at him and he became a babbling idiot. It was ridiculous. "It's okay to worry, Petey Pie. Just know I'm here, okay?"

Date: 2017-01-26 01:57 pm (UTC)
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"Always and forever. Captain dork, at your service," Wade said as he grinned dopily. He froze at Peter's words though, mouth slackening into a look of utter shock. "Whaaaaaaat? Baby boy, you didn't!" Instantly the shock was gone and instead replaced with one of the biggest grins he was capable of. Peter knew him so well! "You know just what to say to make me happy, Snookums."

Wade gave Peter another comforting squeeze, his heart pounding a little harder at the sweet words. Peter was extremely good at making him feel like he was actually worth something. "Anytime, Petey Pie."


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